Over the last 14 years, RYBAK Development has gone from New York City startup to Real Deal rising star, to a recognized leader among residential and mixed-use NYC real estate development & construction. Throughout its growth, RYBAK has consistently maximized homeowner value, and today has come to define and elevate standards of quality construction, e.cient practices, and innovative design around New York City. Time and again, the level of detail, comfort, and luxury found in a RYBAK home is known to be unprecedented in each of the firm’s carefully chosen sites. RYBAK strives to deliver a smarter level of luxury, and is proud to bring its signature commitment to the historic Lower East Side neighborhood. For more information on RYBAK Development, please visit:


Over the past 15 years, BK Developers have earned the trust and recognition of clients and the community with the agile firm’s meticulous attention to detail and a dedicated, personal approach to building a home. Committed to working exclusively with the highest-grade materials and the area’s most renowned contractors, BK Developers is a firm set on delivering approachable New York City luxury, and the undeniable value of a home you and your family can fall in love with. For more information on BK Developers, please visit:


ZPROEKT has been established in 2003 located in south Brooklyn. The firm specializes in residential, mixed use, retail, hospitality, and office commercial projects. We have an aggressive approach through all phases of the project from schematic design, design development, construction administration to final completion. For more information on ZPROEKT, please visit:


Durukan Design provides Interior & Architectural Design Services, specializing in residential and hospitality interiors. Known for their warmth and elegance, Durukan Design defines and creates unique living experiences by incorporating functionality with timeless, modern minimalist design concepts. For more information on Durukan Design, please visit: www.durukandesign.com


Team Fernandez is a highly motivated and creative collective that consistently translates dreams into reality. Specializing in the sales and marketing of ground-up new development and high-end townhouse renovations + conversions, TF merges their sales prowess with previous professional backgrounds in architectural design, construction, and business entrepreneurship.




With a reputation of quality and efficiency in New York Real Estate Development, RYBAK residences have been maximizing homeowner value for over a decade.


The level of detail, comfort, and luxury in a RYBAK home is known to be unprecedented in its surrounding area. A track record of honoring its commitment to quality has landed the agile firm into the spotlight as a leader in the construction of residential and multi-use properties. For more information on RYBAK Development, please visit: www.rybakdev.com

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